The Craft and SMEs Vet NET community is based on practice: it includes books, articles, documents, knowledge bases, websites, good practices, lessons learned,  etc. Shared knowledge that embodies a perspective on problems and ideas, a thinking style, and possibly a shared View on the present and future C-VET.

For this reason, the platform’s repository is a collection of material that is of interest to the platform members. The collection is from member to member – it is a collaborative digital library with materials.

Possible formats of the material:

  • Texts (as WORD or PDF files)
    These documents can be uploaded directly to the server and will be hosted here
  • All other formats (Video, SlideShare documents, ePubs, or similar material)
    These types of documents must be linked. In most cases the material is available from the internet – so it makes sense to link the material and add a description and some taxonomy for the systematization and finding of materials.
  • You may click on the icon below to find the upload form (this form is also available from the menu).

Here you can upload your file    

Hint: Uploaded material is checked to fulfill the duty in the frame of the GDPR. The upload of material is monitored by a specialist of the platform.