The role of CVET&SMEs in National Plans for Resilience and Recovery

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        Looking forward to the Conference of 16 and 17 and after too, let’s start a conversation around the Key issues about Resilience and Recovery starting from some Key questions for speakers and attendees:

        What are the budgets of NPRRs for actions on green skills, digital skills and transition of small businesses?

        Do they cover needs for local businesses and SMEs?

        Are there any provisions for vocational training? What are the main fields?

        Did pandemic change the optimal mix of funding between eco-digital considerations?


        What do you think? Which could be the possible answers?

        Join the conversation!



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          After the pandemic the National Recovey and Resilience Plans should be focused on covering the failed economic activity of SME’s in order to give them the “space” to recover from all of these months of deficit. After this, the plans should focus on implementing digitalisation and green skills in all scales and all types of businesses.

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          Eric Oliver

            The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the economic outlook for the years to
            come in the European Union. Investments and reforms are needed more than ever to ensure
            convergence and a sustainable economic recovery. Carrying out reforms and investing in the
            EU’s common priorities, notably green, digital and social resilience will help create jobs and
            sustainable growth, while modernising our economies, and allow the Union to recover in a
            balanced, forward-looking and sustained manner.

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