Just transition and regional SMEs

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      Dimitris Bimpas

        Just transition: how far are we from the implementation of this fundamental objective? What were the provisions for SMEs?

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          To achieve a just transition, we should work on bring funding opportunities close to help them to adapt their business models, products and services to the green transition. Even considering that, last years it was not easy for them to access to funding opportunities, because Europe innovation and funding opportunities were not reaching them. They were more oriented to large organizations and companies.

          Also it is very important that they get practical methodologies and tools to implement all the changes needed in all the business areas. Regarding this, investments should be dedicated to give training of SMEs employees to help them to adapt to the transition.

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          Eric Oliver

            We are far away from the implementation of this objective. This proces recquires years of work and adaptation and a considerable economic capacity, that depends directly on the funds the EU can offer. If they prepare a plan (that includes funding for all kinds of business, not only large companies) we could get closer to this goal.

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                From my point of view, a change of mindset is necessary!

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