Financing tools for green transition

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      Dimitris Bimpas

        Although there exist multiple tools for financing businesses restructuring and support viability within Covid-19 era, small firms lack a complete set of information regarding the financial possibilities of investing on green transition. What shall we expect in the next period during the implementation of national resilience and recovery plans?

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          Agree on this. According to our experience, it is still so difficult for SMEs to get access to funding opportunities. In some occasions, conditions for the funding instruments and programmes are not so suitable for a small companies, because sometimes they invest first and after finishing the projects they are receiving the money back, so finally they have to go to private banks sometimes to finance this investment.

          An interesting trend is now the crowdfunding platforms where a citizen could invest personally in small projects producing a positive impact. For example: goparity, ecrowd invest, etc

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            A number of policy tools are available to assist governments and other stakeholders pursue transition into a green economy. Various policy tools tare available to
            foster transition and to lead to positive outcomes. These tools do not create a green economy, but they can set the conditions in place for the transition to
            occur so as to act in a more sustainable manner. Small companies need to take full advantage of the national resilience and recovery plans, to develop in the most viable manner possible in the next years.

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            Ignacio Gomez

              It’s true that given the Covid crisis other necessities have come to life and financing tools have been redirected to other issues. But there is empirique verification that climatique change is a priority and the change is needed now. So maybe I am an optimist but I think that the expectation for the next years is to invest in green transition.

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