Key Recommendation Paper

As presented in our Key Policy Recommendation Paper during the Final Crafts & SMEs VEI-NET event in Rome on 22/03/2022:, new challenges faced by Craft/Micro-Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are increasing as well as uncertainty in the existing business environment, especially after the COVID 19 crisis.  Some of them are related to global changes that increase competition or to new skills needs and new Market conditions and require adaptability and awareness of the recovery and growth potential of Digital and Ecological transformation.

On the other hand, entrepreneurial adult education and training, including CVET, do not offer potential young entrepreneurs in Europe the right foundation for an entrepreneurial career.

Do you think that more specific support such as training, coaching, and guidance is needed not always available to the existing owners of SMEs or/and to those looking for opportunities in self-employment or entrepreneurial activities during their lives?

Could you propose in brief specific methodological approaches?

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