Mutual learning, capacity building, deepen our skills and professionality: in a community we learn on the higher grade when we interact and collaborate with others. Knowledge, adaptation process of best practices, ideas, become stronger when they are shared as a common practice of work.  For this purpose, the platform offers several tools for encourage, manage and foster collaboration among members.

The Project Market is a virtual marketplace to start or initiate new joint (European) projects. Users may announce their ideas and find the necessary partners to implement a project.

We call the various announcements “whitebords” as they are similar to quickly-done notes on a whiteboard.

The whiteboard is the place to post your project idea. Where you can publish your ideas, requests, or messages related to Vocational Education and Training (VET) or C-VET.

A webinar platform for managing and organizing cycles of webinar or meeting, on a topic chosen by the community, is another of the tools for this area of activities.

Other tools will be added with the time according to the community members ideas and requests.