VET-NET – the Platform for European VET Systems

The main aim of the project is to foster, through a bottom-up process, a shared global vision and specific practical collaborations between VET systems in order to make them more attractive, career-oriented, innovative, accessible, and flexible, to foster mutual learning, peer counselling, capacity building and exchange of best practices between VET SMEs and Training Networks.

Currently are 141 Individuals and 30 Organisations registered

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Training for SMEs for on-business digital skills

It is important to notice that the perception of digital skills does not correspond always to the real needs of production, sales and logistics. The case of social media development is not sufficient to describe the capacity of small firms to adapt to new meta-pandemic reality. Consequently, policy makers shall conceive and design programs that Read More …


Presentation of the project CRAFT & SMES VET NET in Training Committee of SME UNITED

The 16th of November of 2021 PIMEC participated in the Training Committee Meeting, organised by SME United. At that meeting, M.Àngels Benítez, Department of Training and Occupation Policies, presented the project Craft & SMES, in which Pimec participates actively. In that meeting, in which were discussed the SMEunited priorities in Education and Training 2022, that Read More …



The Governing Commission of the Vocational Training and Qualification System of Catalonia (hereinafter the Governing Committee), meeting on July 23, 2021, has agreed to establish the general criteria of the Catalan model of information and guidance for the trajectory training and professional development of the FPCAT System, with the aim of promoting it from a Read More …


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New Challenges and opportunities for VET? Loukas Zahilas from CEDEFOP deepens these crucial topics in this ... See MoreSee Less
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The project proposes an innovative model of a “Community of VET’s Practices”1. The basic structure and program design of the Community are based on the adoption and adaptation of “higher education” models and procedures. The dissemination and communication of the project will take place through Information and communication campaigns also through innovative web tools, Erasmus + platforms, networks and contacts of the participating organization.


1 A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. This definition reflects the fundamentally social nature of human learning